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06 Nov 15 Trident Juncture 2015
01 Nov 15 The eagles leave their nest
31 Jul 15 NATO’s first AWACS aircraft remains in the desert
25 Jun 15 Tigers roaring over Turkey
19 Jun 15 Dual change of command at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen
08 Jun 15 A historic event -- First NATO E-3A aircraft to retire
06 May 15 Component pilot takes modified AWACS up in the air for first time
27 Feb 15 E-3A Component participates in multi-national exercise in Portugal
05 Feb 15 NATO AWACS integrates with U.S. Navy, improves maritime capabilities
05 Feb 15 First Upgraded NATO AWACS flies above Seattle
25 Sep 14 Welcome home! Last AWACS returns from Afghanistan
23 Sep 14 NATO AWACS conducts last operational sortie over Afghanistan
23 Sep 14 Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks completion of runway restoration
09 Sep 14 New 'King of the Jungle' at Squadron Two
14 Aug 14 Air Passenger & Cargo Terminal aids Component’s effort to operate from five countries
11 Aug 14 NATO AWACS aircraft are being upgraded with glass cockpits
07 Aug 14 FOB Trapani helps NATO employ AWACS over Romania
23 Jul 14 Component members mourn alongside Dutch colleagues
15 Jul 14 Canadian Flag Lowering Ceremony: Component says goodbye to founding nation
08 Jul 14 Aircrew Training Squadron under new command
02 Jul 14 Turkish Stars practice over the skies of FOB Konya
26 Jun 14 NATO International Civilians at E-3A Component exemplify diversity and professionalism
16 Jun 14 Forward Operating Base Aktion under new command
04 Jun 14 New commander for FOB Trapani
09 May 14 AWACS dispersed to FOBs & FOL: Operations continue as runway restoration begins
11 Mar 14 AWACS flies surveillance missions over Romania and Poland
13 Dec 13 SACEUR presents Component with ISAF pennant
06 Dec 13 Component commander invites local children for movie, continues holiday tradition
27 Nov 13 NATO E-3A celebrates their 1000th flight and over 10,000 flying hours in Afghanistan
15 Nov 13 FOB Trapani re-opens Combined Facility, offers full-crew support
05 Nov 13 FOL Ørland celebrates 30th Anniversary
31 Okt 13 AWACS to highlight Hellenic Air Force celebration at Aktion Air Base
26 Okt 13 NATO E-3A Component celebrates 10,000 Flight Hours in support of Afghanistan Operation
21 Sep 13 Emergency response exercise at NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen
24 Jun 13 Component participates in Anatolian Eagle
12 Jun 13 Change of command of the Ops and Training Wings
11 Dec 12 Foundation stone laid for new IT facility
07 Dez 12 New Deputy Commander for the E-3A Component
11 Nov 12 Polish community celebrates their national independence day
23 Okt 12 Forward Operating Base Aktion under new command
21 Sep 12 Red Arrows take fuel at Geilenkirchen
26 Jul 12 NATO AWACS Force and E-3A Component conducts dual change of command
17 Apr 12 30 Years Jubilee
10 Feb 12 A museum piece – in the truest sense of the word
31 Jan 12 27 per cent decrease in military flights