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01 Sep 2014

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Welcome to the website of the NATO E-3A Component, NATO's Flagship Fleet. The E-3A Component is NATO's first integrated, multi-national flying unit, providing rapid deployability, airborne surveillance, command, control and communication for NATO operations.
Andrew M. Mueller, Maj.Gen., USAAF
Component Commander
Air Passenger & Cargo Terminal aids Component’s effort
to operate from five countries
14-Aug-14 Two Germans, three Americans and two Dutch people walk into a hangar and, with E-3A Components fleet fully dispersed to its forward operating bases and location, they are helping NATO AWACS operate from five different countries at the same time.
NATO AWACS aircraft are being upgraded with glass cockpits
11-Aug-14 To meet current and future Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) airspace requirements, NATO’s E-3A (NE-3A) aircraft are being upgraded with glass cockpits and other advanced avionics.
FOB Trapani helps NATO employ AWACS over Romania
07-Aug-14 With the runway at its main operating base undergoing renovations, the E-3A Component has dispersed aircraft to its forward operating bases and location.
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