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Year 1982-89
Year 1990-99
Year 2000-07

25 years of AWACS


OPEVAL results are received – many areas of excellence.

Grand Openning of the Natex grocery store.

4 Component members finish the Grizzly Run in the United Kingdom; Leon Brands, Ger de Hoog, Jos Huits and Barend Van Luit.

Program Integrated Logistics System (PILS) contact is signed.

US President Clinton lands at Geilenkirchen welcomed by Component Commander Brig Gen Stieglitz.

84th Nijmengen Four day walk – many E-3A Component members participate in world’s largest walking event.

Component gets its own intranet.


After 9/11 Article 5 of the NATO Treaty is invoked for the first time in history, NATO AWACS arrived in the United States in support of Operation Eagle Assist.

Security Squadron hosts first Security Squadron Police Liaison Day.

Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Johan Ivar Hederstadt, visits NATO Air Base, Geilenkirchen.

Since 1984, 2,000,000,000 litres of drinking water have been produced on base.

Safety Division (SOC) launches first Intranet home page on the Bass Lan System.


5th Annual International Canine Biathlon.

In support of Operation Eagle Assist; crews reached 4,000 hours from Oct 2001 to May 2002.

U.S Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. James Roche, presents a painting to NATO AWACS during his visit to Tinker Air Base, Oklahoma.

U.S Secretary of Defense visits the NATO Air Base to say thank you to the Component for the support in Operation Eagle Assist.

Norweigen Minister of Defense, Kristin Krohn Devold, visits the NATO Air Base to show support for our service after 9/11.

E-8C Joint Stars visits NATO Air Base.

German Air Force Chief of Staff visits NATO Air Base German Element.

USAF C-5B Galaxy landed at the NATO Air Base to unload NATO cargo after the completion of Operation Eagle Assist.

The German contingent and base members raised €7,777.77 to help the victims of the “flood of the century” in Germany.

25th Anniversary of the annual perimeter walk in Belgium where the Battle of the Bulge was fought.


15th Annual International Children’s Festival hosted by the Turkish National Support Unit.

A new CAE flight simulator has its inaugural ‘flight’.

Article 4 of the NATO Treaty is invoked by Turkey; NATO AWACS provides airspace surveillance and early warning of Turkish airspace in support of Operation Crescent Guard; Feb – April.

20th Anniversary of Oktoberfest; as with every year, the Deutche Unteroffizierskameradschaft (DUK) donates the proceeds; this year-- €15,000.00 to public institutions.

NATO E-3A Component Web Information Services Environment (WISE) is established.

N-1, the new NATO Mid-Term jet arrives home at the NATO Air Base welcoming in a new era.

The Information Technology Wing is officially stood up.


E-3A Component flies to Latvia and Lithuania in support of Partnership for Peace.

Seven new nations become NATO members; Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Airborne Collision Avoidance System II (ACAS) and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) upgrade are accomplished on the NATO AWACS.

Construction on a new multi-purpose room breaks ground at the elementary school on base.

Crews deployed to FOB Aktion, Greece in support of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General James Jones visits FOB Aktion to support the efforts of those providing air surveillance for the Olympic Games.

NATO AWACS participated in RAF large field exercise in St. Mawgan, England for the first time.

Air National Guard refuelling to NATO AWACS surpasses 7 million lbs of fuel.


TCA deploys to Pakistan to assist in the relief effort with over 70 tons of cargo for the victims of the Tsunami.

Construction began on the new Security Forces facility.

Canadian Ambassador to NATO, Jean Pierre Jureau, honours the Component with a visit.

Due to NATO Response Force requirements, Close Air Support training is now under way.

2nd Turkish Day celebration on base is a great success.

TCA carries blankets and tents to the US to support the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Dutch Secretary of Defense, Cees Van der Knapp visits the E-3A Component.

Individual Deployment Training (IDT) begins on base.


Hungary joins the Component and welcomes the first of many Hungarian Air Force personnel on base.

FOB Trapani celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

After years of discussion and debate, 6 hectores of trees were cut from the Schinveld Forest, allowing for a safer flight path over the boarder of the Netherlands.

Secretary General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, visits the NATO Air Base.

E-3A Component goes to Cape Verde for a NATO Response Force (NRF) Exercise.

NATO E-3A Component is fully NRF capable.

Poland announces it will join NATO AWACS in 2007.


Component’s first deployment to Hungary; a great success.

New colour NATO Skywatch.

Celebration of 25 Years of NATO successful command and control 16-17 June.

25th Anniversary aircraft unveiled.

25th Anniversary flight with the original crew honoured as well as the anniversary of the first simulator ‘flight’.